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Past Meets Present Spring Collection

The philosophy at Past Meets Present is truly what sets it apart. Women are encouraged to cultivate and maintain their own individual style. While fashion trends are short-lived, style is lasting, and equates to an outward expression of the multifaceted woman within.This boutique offers a highly curated collection of the old and the new, including jewelry, apparel and gifts. The collections of vintage jewelry and clothing at Past Meets Present were so artfully designed that they have withstood the test of time.The spring collection offers within it a strong grouping of the quintessential “little black dress” as well as an array of pieces in bright and playful colors. The store’s extensive collection of spring jewelry includes antique and vintage floral motif cocktail rings boasting a delightful mix of mine cut diamonds with angel skin coral, green tourmalines, lapis or pearls.Past Meets Present is also thrilled to carry the Michelle Morocco collection as its contemporary jewelry line. In June, they will host their second Morocco trunk show, which will be a wonderful oppor-tunity to meet and enjoy Michelle’s company.

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