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My dear father (artist, poet, antique connoisseur and physician) nurtured, early on, my bent toward the creative, visually expressive and love of all things old. So far, adult life has afforded me many roles as wife, mother, English teacher, dancer, window dresser, stylist and interior designer.Over time, friends and associates began to encourage the sharing of my creative endeavors in my own place… hence, the opening of Past Meets Present. Approaching sixty years of development, I find myself very nearly back where I began, as one might surmise from my first "masterpiece", a self-portrait in crayon rendered at age six. Surely I am my father's daughter!





Encouraging women of style


Fashion equates to trends which by definition are impersonal and short-lived.

Style equates to an outward expression of the multifaceted woman within; subtly revealed through her choice of words, scent, taste, touch and attire (sight) !

Shouldn't our choices be deliberate ones? We think so!

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